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  • Getting Started Fast
  • Where do I drop off and pick up my child?


  • What if I need to pick up my child early?

    If you wish to pick up your child early, please notify our site office on the day prior by email at madsportscamp@gmail.com or by phone at 917-822-3359. Early pick up times are scheduled around your child’s activity schedule.

  • How can I get in touch with you?

    Site Director: Makeda Jordan
    Site contact info: 917-822-3359
    Site Email: madsportscamp@gmail.com

  • Can I visit my child at camp?

    YES!!  Starting your camper’s second week we highly encourage you to visit us.  We do not allow parent visits during the first week of camp in order to allow your campers time to acclimate to their new surroundings.  Starting their second week come ready to have fun and join in. 

  • What do campers wear at camp?

    All campers must wear their Mad Sports t-shirt, and sports attire with sneakers.

    For the pool, please send your camper with a bathing suit (either on them or in a plastic bag send goggles and a swim cap). 

  • What should my child bring to camp?

    Campers should bring everything that they need for camp in their backpacks. Campers should bring:

    • swim gear
    • water bottle (not the metal ones, they get hot too fast)
    • lunch
  • What medical staff do you have on site?

    Mad Sports has a full time RN or EMT on site at all times. In addition to this all leadership staff and several group leaders are Red Cross CPR, First Aid and Epi-Pen Administration certified. Please know that our staff IS NOT allowed to administer medicine to your child. The only exception to this Department of Health guide line is epi-pens. A member of our medical staff or your Division Leader will call you if your child receives medical attention of any kind.

  • My child has severe allergies and needs to bring an Epi-pen, what should I do?

    Please make sure that you indicate any and all important medical information that we need to know about your camper on his/her medical form.  Please alert Camp Director that your child will be bringing epi-pens to camp. 

  • What do children eat for lunch at camp?

    You can send your child to camp with a packed lunch in a insulated, non-disposable lunch bag that will be kept in coolers during the day. You can also sign up for our catered lunch service for an additional fee. 

  • What is required to enroll for camp?

    Parents will have to fill out a registration form to enroll for camp and leave a $100 deposit. Full payment is needed before June 1st. Before your child begins camp with us, they will need a completed health form. The health form cannot be over a year old, and is REQUIRED for your child to attend camp.